Friday, July 20, 2007

The Walk Ain't Always Easy

As of late, things have been changing in my mind. Reasoning for the way situations are, have come into better picture like a camera thats out of focus slowly coming into perfect frame. I found myself consumed with situations that I had to make hard decisions for. My mindset has changed and the chains of these events have been broken....
One may not get what I mean by some of my statements, but let me digress a little more. You ever have a time in your life, where your whole mindset, whole being, whole life goes into overdrive and you are totally immersed and over your head in that one, single, solitary event. Be it a boyfriend/girlfriend, school, sports, whatever it is your life is totally devoted to that. Being the imperfect person that I am, my eyes have been awaken by God's grace to how much emphasis I placed on certain things that I totally was shut out from God in that one area.
You see, we should let God immerse our life in situations, rather than have ourselves dive right into them. We should look above for answers that we have in life, such as what should I do about a certain relationship/friendship that is taking up all my time thinking. I feel that as of these last couple months my mindset has been to just ride out the situation and let God take the driver's seat. I've been blinded by my own pride, by my own selfishness, that I totally put God out of the equation for such a long time.
Throughout my whole walk with Christ, it has been hard to follow the narrow path. Not going to lie, I've fallen off sometimes, I've hit roadbumps that broke my spirit, but through it all the answer has been inside and wanting me to come back to Him. I love reading the verse in the Bible that says God will never put us in situations that He knows we can't get out of....Something about that is just so amazing and humbling. You see God could just not worry or care for my life, but he chooses to test my relationship with Him and knowing I'm going to fall he always provides an's just so humbling a thought.
So the point of me writing this is to let you know what I'm realizing in my walk. Sorry if this doesn't put into perspective anything for you, but this revelation in my life has really changed my attitude in relationships for the better so I don't get hurt/or hurt others. And overall these past few months have been the happiest of my life, thanks to God, family, and the many new friends and the one's that have always been there....God bless

Michael Anthony Tropea

Sunday, July 8, 2007


Now today I am in North Carolina, awaiting my departure for Florida on Tuesday. Can't wait for the beaches and sand. Anyways, I went to see a really amazing movie today "Transformers". It was by far one of the best movies I've seen all year. The acting by those 2 guys to the left was great and it gave me a sense to get up from college, pack my things, move to california and start taking lessons to become an actor. Random, spontaneous, with great possibilities; but also alot of room for failure. Not gonna lie, it's in the back of my mind....

Anyways, these past couple days have been trying to say the least. From wondering things about situations to taking 14 hours just to get here in North Carolina, alot of thinking was definitely done. I realized something after I watched this movie though, after all I've been through, after experiencing life, after trusting in God, after realizing my failures, that I have been transformed....such a ironic thought after seeing that movie.

I've found myself at a place of understanding lately. Things are hard to deal with in certain areas, some of which I will not delve into, but at the same time I wonder what the heck, live, love, take chances, and put your trust into something bigger than yourself. I realize that through these past 8 months I have been transformed for better and my relationship with God has definitely become the forefront. I'm going to say with confidence, not cockiness, that I am different from alot of guys. My heart is beating for something bigger, my life has an open road of possibilities, and I can offer someone something great if they just see who I am, not what I am. I have met so many people over these past couple months of summer and love it. For the first time in a long time I am content with life, except in one area. But that's not in my hands, it's God's....Just remember that you can have "the best of me" and I can give you the best of everything.....

This entry really doesn't have any meaning besides that things are going good. Life is going great and I am continually humbled by the example of Christ....God bless

Michael Anthony Tropea